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The Review: HostClear

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  • Why HostClear?

    Clear means simple. HostClear was developed as the simple, quick and easy hosting provider. If you are familiar with cPanel then you will be pleased to know HostClear use cPanel control panel. They've got an incredible introductory price, thousands of templates to build a website and lots of tools to help you along the way. You can quickly launch a website for business, restaurants, ecommerce, music, art, photography, blogs or any other purpose!

  • Security and Backup

    HostClear uses state of the art technology for enhanced security and easy online backup. That means that your website stays up and running, and if you ever make a mistake, it is much easier to just push the "reset button" and revert back to a previous version of your website.

  • Hosting Features

    Hostclear offers world-class technology. They have a great control panel, included network security suite, high performance load balancing servers, free cloud storage and even native visitor statistics and traffic reporting. Their advanced email system allows you to easily send and receive emails from your domain. You can create unlimited email accounts and check your mail either via their webmail client or on your cell phone by leveraging their POP3 and IMAP features.

  • Extras

    Many competitive solutions will charge extra for online stores and ecommerce integrations but Hostclear offers the ability to easily set up an online store with PayPal integration. You can build out the first 6 pages of your site for free and also host it all with a personalized domain name like www.myecommercestore.com. You'll also be able to market your site using the included Google AdWords coupons, Yahoo!/Bing and Yellowpages listsings.

  • Support

    Support for HostClear is based right here in the USA. Their expert staff is available all day and all night 7 days a week to help you with any issues that might come up while setting up your website.

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